3 Practical Steps to do During Car Lockout

It seems that car lockout is inevitable. In one time or the other we may find ourselves standing outside our car looking desperately looking for the key and then we realise we left it inside the car. Car lockout is real. According to AAA, they got more than 4 million calls from motorist reporting a car lockout. So, if just found yourself outside your car lately, sans car key, do not be too hard on yourself because you are not alone. If you cannot prevent car lockout, then let me share to you the 3 practical step to do during car lockout.

Step 1: Assess the situation.

Don’t panic! Panicking won’t help you open your car. Before doing anything, assess the situation first. By looking at these four factors.

  1. What is the weather? Is it sunny? Raining? Snowing? etc.
  2. Where is your car located? Is it in your house? In a bad neighbourhood? Parking strip?
  3. What time of the day the lockout? Daytime? Night?
  4. Are you the legal owner of the car?

These four factors are the most important things to consider before doing further actions. For instance, if you found yourself locked outside your car in your home after the grocery run on Sunday morning, then you have ample to time look for the spare key you stash somewhere. Or you can call your favourite locksmith in Mandurah to open your car door.   However, if you found yourself locked-out in a bad neighbourhood, especially at night, call 911 or the police. ASAP!

Have a presence of mind to assess the situation first, then weigh the next appropriate step to undertake.

Step 2: Look for spare key.

If you don’t have a spare key with you, you might have one hidden in your home or you have given a spare key to a family member or a friend. If you have, then call that person who has it.

Step 3: Call a locksmith.

Are you the legal owner of vehicle? If you are, you may call the police to help you unlock the car but there is no guarantee that they can open your car without inflicting some damage since they are trained to do so. You may also call the roadside services for assistance. However, the best option is to call a locksmith. Mandurah locksmiths are skilled and equipped to deal this kind of emergencies.

If you are not the owner of the car, call the owner first and inform him or her of the situation. Ask the owner of the vehicle what he is wants to do with car.

Whenever you experience a car lockout, always consider your safety first. Always keep a spare key in your wallet or purse. Give a spare key to your family member or your friend for safekeeping.  Have a contact number of a locksmith in your phone or in your phonebook. Stay safe. Happy driving!